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Empire Industries Inc was a subsidiary of Empire of Carolina. It designed, manufactured and marketed a variety of consumer products including toys, plastic decorative holiday products and golf accessories. The Company's products included Big Wheel Ride-Ons, Grand Champions collectible horses, Buddy L vehicles, Crocodile Mile water slides, Water Works pools, Snow Works winter sleds, toboggans and snowboards. In November 2000, the Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, Empire Industries, Inc., filed for bankrupcy. In July 2001, Empire Industries was sold substantially to Alpha International, Inc, which is also known as Gearbox Pedal Car Company, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Pool owner

2008-03-19 20:28:09 by fedguy

To answer your last question first: No. the temperature difference is not great enough to make insulation worthwhile.
As for collecting heat from the sun: There are far easier ways than building a large lens or adding mirrors.
1. paint the inside a dark color.
2. increase the surface area with a shallow pool or solar collector.
3. circulate the water so that the warmer water is redirected to the bottom.
The latter works in large part because it reduces evaporation. As you said, pools lose most of their heat by evaporation. There is also a water additive sold that tends to separate from the water and float on top, forming a thin layer that prevents eveporation.

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