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Posted on January 3, 2012 – 00:00

As I was doing research recently on vinyl liner fungus I came across the International Code Council (ICC) Acceptance Criteria for Vinyl-Lined Residential Swimming Pools (AC279). I found some of the information very interesting. This is not information that most builders, retailers or customers ever see but I find some of it very important. Of special interest to me is section 5.2 which states:


Pools and spas may be installed without a soil

investigation by a registered design professional (RDP),
subject to the code official’s approval, provided none of
the following conditions is encountered at the site:

(In most states a Registered Design Professional is an engineer or architect that has been certified and licensed by the state)


The existence of groundwater within the depth

of the pool or spa excavation.

(This would lead us to believe and we would be correct in assuming that once you excavate and find there is groundwater then an RDP needs to do a soil investigation to see that your structure will uphold under the soil conditions. This cost could be hundreds of dollars. I do not know of any builder of residential pools that does this. Nor have I seen any code inspector inspect the excavation to enforce this. However in years down the road and excessive underground water at any time the pool structure can be compromised causing major repairs. I have seen this often in the area in which I serve which is a coastal community with sandy loom soil. As shown through a school science project and shared to me by the parent who happens to be a well versed scientist, sand when wet liquifies therefore no longer bein a supportive foundation. This can cause vinyl liners to have "sink holes" regardless of compaction during construction.)


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You have never heard of vinyl lined pools???

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I guess you haven't really done any research into the pool buying yet have ya? Every above ground pool has a vinyl liner. Many inground pools have vinyl liners. The ones that don't are made out of concrete or gunnite, and are substantially more expensive (tens of thousands more than the vinyl liner pools.)
check it:

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