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Aquatic Therapy Pools Offer Some Benefits

Published: May 6, 2013

A person can suffer an injury or illness that makes even the simplest exercises hard to do without some form of extra support. Some therapists like to have their patients perform their routines in a body of water that helps to support their weight. The effect of the water holding up the body lessens the impact joints and muscles undergo when they have to fully support the individual. These bodies of water can be one of the aquatic therapy pools that are manufactured for personal use. There are a number of benefits one can obtain when using this kind of equipment as they rehabilitate parts of their bodies.

When someone slips into the water they almost instantly have better control over their bodies. The water will hold them up to keep them from falling to the ground. They can utilize the fluids to increase their strength and build up their endurance. A person should be able to lessen the amount of swelling and discomfort that can occur while exercising.

One of the nicest benefits is that a person can stand up in water. The impact of their erectness on their bones and joints is not as severe as it would be without this support system. Someone who is overweight can find this to be very helpful as they do the routines that a therapist has assigned to them.

The pool will usually come with a heating system to make the water warm. A body can relax easier when the muscles have been loosened by the warmth found in the water. Even the joints can feel better under these conditions and a person should be able to move their extremities without as much pain and discomfort than they might otherwise feel.

Pressure is created as one fills up a pool. This pressure can help to move the blood from the legs on up to the heart where it can be circulated through the respiratory systems and gain precious oxygen that powers cells. A person can feel some comfort simply by standing in one of these units.

The water can be a source of resistance that helps a person to build up strength. This happen because one cannot move through the water as easily as they can in the open air. When a person works against the resistance, their muscles should become stronger and be better able to work properly later.

A person has a couple of options as to what type of setting they want to work out in. One can go to a training center where there are large pools where a number of different activities are going on with other people. They may also decide to purchase a unit that an be installed in their homes and exercise in private.

A lot of people suffer injuries and illnesses that call for particular forms of care. One of those forms is utilizing aquatic therapy pools to help a sufferer recover from their condition. These products have been shown to provide extra support and comfort that helps someone perform the exercises designed to aid in their healing.


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2003-06-25 12:23:12 by dogluver22_NLI

I'm thinking of getting a not-too-big above ground pool for my dog's physical therapy. We are thinking of putting it on our patio (a 15-foot pool would fit). I have absolutely no knowledge about pools. I've checked yahoo but mostly I just get ads for them rather than tips on what I should look for. Can anyone help? I guess my first question is, can I put a pool (soft-sided preferably) directly on concrete? And what sort of accessories do I need?

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