The YLC guide to Stockholm splash-pools

Posted on July 17, 2013 – 18:05

pool splash stockholm kids Summer in the city: the YLC guide to Stockholm splash pools

Sweltering in the city? Kids clamouring for some water fun? Why not check out the city’s wading pools? Not quite as full on as the beach,yet oh,so cooling for little feet! As always,YLC is here to help out!

There are currently some 50+ wading pools for children in Stockholm – but unless you make it your business to try a new one every day – here’s a selection to keep you busy this summer!

Rålambshov wading pool

Where: Smedsuddsvägen 6
Info: Closed on Monday mornings for cleaning. Water quality is tested regularly for water cleanliness.

Erikslund wading pool

Where: Elinsborgsbacken 13,Spånga
Info: Emptied Wednesday evenings,refilled next morning

Farstaängen wading pool

Where: Färnebogatan,Farsta
Info: Cleaned regularly to ensure water cleanliness

Gustav Adolfparkens wading pool

Where: Gyllenstiernsgatan 11,Östermalm
Info: Cleaned every Tuesday morning. Tested for water cleanliness twice a week.

Örby slotts wading pool (Älvsjö)

Where: Örby slott,Älvsjö,Söderort
Info: Cleaned regularly to ensure water cleanliness

Kristineberg Strandparks wading pool

Where: Kristinebergs strand 1, in the new Kristineberg strandpark
Info: Closed for cleaning every Thursday morning.

Trissan wading pool

Where: Storasällskapetsväg 20,Skärholmen
Info: The pool is cleaned on Thursdays.

Tegnérlunden’s wading pool

Where: Tegnergatan 47pools wading splash Summer in the city: the YLC guide to Stockholm splash pools


I'm just a little worried

2005-06-11 16:14:01 by california_sun

That that's what will happen here, too, even though two of our dogs will walk into any shallow water we encounter on a walk -- like runoff in the gutter, or fountains next to businesses, or just water running down a ditch. I got one of those plastic kiddie pools thinking they'd splash in it and they want nothing to do with water in *that* (except to drink it occasionally). My husband thinks they go into water on walks because they get hot, whereas if they get hot at home they can just go into the house or lie in the shade.
But if the pond is nice enough and has a waterfall, hopefully the birds will still drink and bath in it, and we'll enjoy it even if they don't wade.

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