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Posted on March 20, 2012 – 00:00
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If you’re on this market for a pool, it’s rather a bit overwhelming to choose a variety of system that is right for you. The salt mineral water pool vs. chlorine pool battle has been raging during the last decade, and today, many homes are building these systems right from the start or converting their old chlorine pools into a salt pool. But precisely what is the real difference from your salt water pool vs. chlorine option? Here can be a quick run-down of your pool battle:

Salt water is convenient for swimmers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is no chlorine in these kind of pools. There is. However, in a salt water pool vs. a chlorine pool, the level of chlorine needed is leaner and the pH level can be a bit higher. That means the pool water does not cause burning, itching, dry up skin, or green hair. It also smells and tastes better.

These pools are less expensive to maintain. A salt water pool vs. chlorine pool is considerably cheaper over time because you don’t need to to add chlorine tablets to the water. Instead, you just add salt! The salt water goes through and electrical system that charges the sodium and creates chlorine on its own. It is initially more costly to maintain, but in only a few summers, it will pay for itself. After all chlorine tablets cost $60 or more per bucket and you’ll just need about $20 well worth of salt every summer, in most cases.

It is, in general, less time-consuming to maintain these pools. A salt water pool vs. chlorine pool eats up less of your energy because the control container, which charges the sodium, regulates most of the water levels. Once you learn the system, you can easily regulate it, even when you disappear on vacation by putting together a timer. However, be aware that you’ll still have to check on the water for pH levels and calcium levels.

Both sodium water and chlorinated water are unhealthy for the environment. No one really is declared the winner the pool war in regards to environmental concerns. While salt water can be a bit safer, it can still cause soil and mineral water problems, as well as kill sensitive plants in the pool. On the plus side, a salt pool option is safer for pets and for your family.

As you can see, a salt water pool vs. chlorine options is a far greater choice in most cases. However, there are still some issues with salt water, and you should also consider natural pool water selection, which are much safer. These systems cost a bit more initially, but the price is worth it because the quality of the water is unbeatable. Before you decide to choose a pool system, make sure that you concentrate on all the options.

If you live in South Florida and if you’re looking for the very best Pools Miami services, contact only the Miami Pool experts at 305-396-2787!

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Can't give you a fair price

2009-06-29 12:45:42 by Murphydogthedoodle

But I'd start low w/ maybe $10 and agree to clean up after yourself.
One thing to consider is examine the pool and make sure the pool as stairs to get in/out or you'll be lifting your dog. You want a decent shallow end so you can walk with your dog in the pool because they won't just do laps.
Lastly, look at the pools construction, their nails can tear vinyl pools and you wouldn't want to break someones liner. So try to find someone with a poured concrecrete pool.

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