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Posted on January 15, 2014 – 01:11 am

Hayward Sand Pool Filter When it comes to swimming pool repairs and choosing a filter,you should only be concerned with one of the following trio: Sand,cartridge and diatomaceous earth (DE). All three filters are effective in their own way and have individual strengths and weaknesses. In order to choose the best one for your swimming pool,please read on to learn more.

Hayward Sand Pool Filter

Sand Filter

Many pool owners opt for sand filters since they are very easy to use and understand as well as being inexpensive. Although sand filters are often said to be the least effective of the three,they are still commonly sought after. Essentially,the pool’s filter is filled with sand and the water is pulled into the filter and brought through the sand.Hayward Cartridge Pool FilterThe sand then filters out particles from the water which flows back into the pool. If you wish to clean the filter,simply backwash the sand or replace it. One of the downsides of a sand filter is that some sand particles can end up in the pool water.

Hayward Cartridge Pool Filter

Cartridge Filter

Water passes through the filter’s material which catches the particles and releases the water back into the swimming pool. There tends to be two filter types that can fit into the cartridges. The least expensive option requires frequent replacement. The second option may be considerably more expensive in terms of a one-off payment but it lasts much longer and may be cheaper over the course of time.Hayward D.E. Pool FilterRegardless of the filter type chosen,maintenance is necessary because if you allow it to become filled with debris,it will become far less effective. The easiest way to clean a cartridge filter is to remove it and spray with a water hose every few weeks.

Hayward D.E. Pool Filter

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE is mined and is made from the fossilized exoskeletons of miniscule diatoms. DE acts as a series of tiny sieves which get rid of debris. DE is capable of filtering out particles as small as 5 microns (0.005 of a millimeter). A DE filter is far more expensive than either a sand or cartridge filter because of its better level of performance. An alternative to a pricey DE filter is to add some diatomaceous earth to your existing filter. Although this will not be as effective as the real thing,it should enhance the cleaning power of your current filter.

If you are looking for a low-cost option,a sand filter is the best choice. If you want the cleanest water,a DE filter gives the best results. For high performance and convenience,a cartridge rules the roost because you can replace it every few months and enjoy clean water in your swimming pool without a great deal of expense or maintenance.

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Intex Intex 56673EG 14-Inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump, 110-120 Volt with GFCI
Lawn & Patio (Intex)
  • 6 Functional control - Enables pool owner to Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Recalculate, Drain and Close system; Includes Pressure gauge
  • 24-Hour automatic timer - Automatic daily setting. 0.5 horse power pump with 1,600 gph (6.0m3/hr) flow; GFCI unit, Safety shut-off; meets UL standard
  • Skimmer basket - Easy-cleaning, prolongs life of sand Requires 55 lbs of sand; Replacement of sand only; 5 years average
  • Ergonomic handle for easier operation, heavy duty tank, durable pump enclosure for more protection; 2 Year warranty
  • The 14-Inch sand filter pump is best suited for above grounds

Why pools get cloudy

2005-07-02 09:36:34 by LeadPipes7

There are several reasons pools get cloudy:
1. Low sanitizer levels. If there is not enough chlorine over a long period of time, the body oils and other crap introduced into the pool by guests will cause the water to be cloudy.
2. Poor filtration. The purpose of the filter is to filter dirt, oils, and other stuff out of the water. If the filter is not working properly, it will not filter solid matter out and it will stay in the water causing it to be cloudy. If they have cartridge or DE type filters, they may need to be changed or cleaned, and if they have a sand filter, they may need to change the sand

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Intex Intex 56671EG 2,650-Gallon Sand Filter Pump
Lawn & Patio (Intex)
  • Sand filter for medium-sized pools and spas
  • 0.95 horsepower pump; 2,650 gallons per hour
  • Includes a skimmer basket
  • 12-hour timer
  • 2-year warranty
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Part 1-4 Intex Above Ground Pool, Sand Filter Pump, and Saltwater ...
Intex pool with sand filter
Lawn & Patio (Intex)
  • 32-Foot by 16-Foot (975cm by 488 cm)
  • Keep pool water clear and sparkling
  • Metal Frame Pool Models 18-Foot
  • Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Models 32-Foot by 16-Foot
Swiss Beauty Swim Time 12-Inch Above Ground Sand Filter System with 1/2 HP Pump
Lawn & Patio (Swiss Beauty)
  • Above ground sand filter system with 1/2 horsepower pump
  • System includes: base, pump, filter tank, 4-position multi port valve, clamps, fittings and pressure gauge
  • Easy assembly and excellent performance and reliability
  • Pump and filter are perfectly engineered to provide optimum flow rate to ensure clean, clear pool water
  • 6-feet cord; UL listed
Intermatic Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer 15 Amp
Home Improvement (Intermatic)
  • Designed for controlling outdoor decorations and holiday lighting
  • Use for the filter pump of an above ground pool
  • Up to 2 ON/OFF settings per day
  • For applications up to 15 Amps
  • Standard 3 prong ground plug and receptacle
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Intex 1600 gal/hr Sand Filter Pump Setup Instructions
XTREME BIO FILTERS-Sand Filter Lateral Assembly

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