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Posted on July 23, 2013 – 02:04
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If you own a pool, you know the joys of brisk morning laps, days spent watching the children splash in joy, and weekends entertaining friends out in-the backyard. Yet, whilst the water and sun is wonderful, keeping a pool can be less-than pleasant – and mighty expensive. In addition to cleaning supplies and chemicals, there is the cost of heat the pool in the cooler months and the problem of dealing with debris falling in to the pool. After all, who maybe not dread the possibility of fishing leaves from the pool in the drop and the murkiness of muddy waters after a hard water?

Thankfully, there has been great improvements in pool preservation, such as in low profile swimming pool enclosures. Rather than the labor-intensive and messy procedure for uncovering and covering the pool having a standard pool cover, a growing amount of pool owners are turning to swimming pool enclosures that are easy to install and maintain. A telescopic pool enclosure, for example, encloses the pool such as a dome but is simply pushed right back for full availability.

When it comes into a telescopic pool box, you can find two basic types: one is fitted on tracks laid on either side of the pool, and another is trackless. In either case, the dome is tall enough (including about 105cm to 185cm) so you can open the hinged door and enjoy swimming even in inclement weather. Since it’s built like a telescope, it’s a piece of cake to rebel the housing on sunny days.

Such pool enclosures provide over aesthetic importance, but. Browse here at save on to study the reason for this idea. Your heating bill is likely to be reduced, since the enclosures absorb and keep the sun’s heat. You’ll also spend less for substances, since you will see less water evaporation. One of the most significant benefits is that a telescopic pool enclosure features a son or daughter safety lock, which ensures that your pool is safe even though you are perhaps not using it. Odds are, however, that you’ll be making use of your pool a great deal more often, since the covering and warmth maintenance make the water inviting even if the weather’s bad.

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Sun Dome Inc. 24 x 46 Sun Dome Pool Cover Rectangle Kit
Home Improvement (Sun Dome Inc.)
  • Solar heat will warm the surrounding air up to 40 degrees and the water up to 20 degrees
  • Keeps out harmful UV Rays but still allows enough sun for a tan
  • Keeps out bugs, leaves, and other debris
  • Walls of the dome keep out cool breezes so there is no need for a heater

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2009-03-19 16:49:50 by tomok11

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Intermatic Intermatic 2T2502GA Pool/Spa Plastic Enclosure Timer
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  • Ends rusting problems forever
  • NEMA 3R rated
  • Made of heavy-duty industrial grade plastic
  • Rainproof all-plastic enclosure is perfect for applications where high humidity and/or dust can be a problem
  • Plastic enclosure has combination 1 ?2 and 3 ?4 in. nominal knockouts, one on back and each side of enclosure, and two on bottom
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