Liquid Pool Covers - Plastic Solar Blankets VS Liquid Pool Covers: Conclusion

Posted on July 23, 2013 – 18:01
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Plastic Solar Blankets VS Liquid Pool Covers: Conclusion

by Monique Nelson on June 1st, 2013

We've looked at many factors that most consumers will consider when faced with a decision on whether to purchase a traditional plastic solar blanket for their pool, or to whether to opt for the less well-known liquid pool cover option. To some, the very fact that a plastic blanket is more conventional will make their decision for them. But the more curious, results driven consumers want to know more about the two options before making their final decision.

  • Which one retains heat better, a plastic solar blanket or a liquid pool cover?
  • Can a liquid cover conserve as much water as a plastic blanket?
  • Will my family be more save with a liquid pool cover or a conventional plastic blanket?
  • Which one will I have an easier time using and applying on a regular basis?
  • How much of a price difference is there between a plastic solar blanket and a liquid pool cover?
If you want answers to these questions, read on to hear our conclusions!

If you haven't had the chance to experience the battle first hand, make sure you read the replay of each round before spoiling the suspense by reading the conclusion first! You don't read the last page of a good book first, do you!? Catch up here:

Conclusion Round 1: Heat Retention

In the first round we found that up to 70% of heat from a swimming pool is lost through evaporation, and by using a pool cover of some variety, you can greatly reduce this loss. It was also shown that both plastic solar blankets AND liquid pool covers have been provide to decrease the rate of heat loss by between 50 - 70%. However, plastic solar blankets will also decrease the amount of solar heat gain that is possible by about 5 - 15%, whereas a liquid pool cover will not do this. For that reason, the ADVANTAGE was awarded to the liquid pool covers.

Conclusion Round 2: Water Conservation

In the second round we found studies that proved both both plastic solar blankets and liquid pool covers will conserve 30 - 50% of water that is normally lost to evaporation. We were about to call a tie, when we realized that a plastic blanket will only conserve water when it is actually covering the pool. During that time, the pool cannot be in use. So, in order to conserve the maximum amount of water possible, a swimming pool would ideally be covered 24 / 7 - even while in use. Liquid pool covers offer this potential, and were awarded the ADVANTAGE.

Conclusion Round 3: Safety

The third round was a hot topic because we looked at safety issues. For any product to be used with confidence, there must be certain questions of safety addressed. We found that conventional solar pool blankets do not offer any safety assistance and may even be considered a risk of entrapment. Liquid pool covers do not offer any safety assistance either, but pose no risks of any kind when used as recommended, so they were once again, given the ADVANTAGE.

Conclusion Round 4: Application

In the fourth round,


Scuba diving..with lousy instructors

2008-09-22 10:57:40 by NoMadMike

My partner and I had just gone to find out the prices for the rental and suddenly these two hunky men are hoisting tanks on my back and putting me in kinky rubber tights.. No prep in swimming pools or anything sensible like that..directly into the sea.
couldnt get the hang of breathing with this big piece of plastic in my mouth. Weight around my waist, vest not fully inflated.. sinking.. standing on the tips of my fins.. instructor swimming away.. water filling up my mask.. I scrambled back to the dock, cursing and shaking all over and that was THAT. 5 minutes was enough.
Later my partner was telling how lovely it all was

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