House Art Journal: Plastic Elimination Campaign: Kids' Swimming Pool

Posted on September 7, 2007 – 00:00
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At times I feel like a snob for admitting it, but plastic things really upset my sense of beauty. I can tolerate it in the house at times (yes, I do own Tupperware!) but when it comes to plastic outside, the contrast between the artificialness of plastic riding toys, swingsets, etc. and the vibrancy and realness of the natural world is jarring. So whenever I can, I try to find ways to eliminate outdoor plastic fixtures. I find that for babies, a galvanized metal tub makes a fun wading pool. While it's not really big enough to swim it, it definitely takes the edge off the last hot days of summer. And even bigger kids like to soak in it. I've found that one of these tubs (we just "upgraded" from a 30 gallon to a 45 gallon model this summer - $25 at the hardware store) and a good sprinkler is all the water fun my small children need.

And this fall, we can use it for bobbing for apples. :)



2009-12-18 22:56:23 by ihategrubs

I have a dumb question. Got 2 acres but have grubs. I have sprayed and sprayed but they are still there. Anyways, I planted potato's last year, they were huge but the stupid grubs ate on them so I pitched them. So I was wondering, does anyone think its possible to fill a kids plastic swimming pool up with dirt (poke some small drain holes in it) and grow potato's in it? I could put it behind the barn and no one would see it LOL.

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