Large Inflatable Pool Prices are Less than Inground Pool Prices

Posted on April 17, 2011 – 00:00

June 18, 2011. Paul Hixon

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A swimming pool is an enjoyable and luxurious item that many people enjoy. It provides a place in which one can cools off during a summer heat wave, and also provides a place for outdoor entertaining and barbecues.

However, a pool‘s installation can be time-consuming and aggravating, and inground pool prices are expensive. There must be an adequate amount of space, and one must obtain a building permit before the job is begun. Additionally, one must have adequate money to fund the project, as well as to maintain the pool after it is installed. Those who wish they could have the benefits of a pool without the cost or aggravation may wish to consider an inflatable pool.

Many people do not realize how handy and reliable large inflatable pools are, and how much they have to offer the average homeowner. These are not the same as children inflatable pools that may come to mind when one hears the phrase, these models are functional pools that can accommodate adults, as well. Such pools are typically not large enough for lap swimming, but can hold several adults comfortably, and are great for cooling off on a hot summer day. These models usually sell for under a thousand dollars and various sizes are available.

Those who desire a pool, but do not have the time and money to have an in-ground pool installed may wish to consider an inflatable unit. They are simple and easy to assemble and provide many of the features and benefits of a permanent in-ground pool. When shopping for such a pool, it is wise to choose a model that has a reinforced exterior. It is also important to care for the pool appropriately in order to increase its longevity. When properly maintained, such pools can offer many years of enjoyable entertainment for the whole family.

Updated June 18, 2011. Published April 18, 2011. Paul Hixon


Above ground pool

2003-06-25 12:23:12 by dogluver22_NLI

I'm thinking of getting a not-too-big above ground pool for my dog's physical therapy. We are thinking of putting it on our patio (a 15-foot pool would fit). I have absolutely no knowledge about pools. I've checked yahoo but mostly I just get ads for them rather than tips on what I should look for. Can anyone help? I guess my first question is, can I put a pool (soft-sided preferably) directly on concrete? And what sort of accessories do I need?

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