Top Toys for the Pool

Posted on June 22, 2011 – 00:00

June 22,2011 By Angie Wynne

When we moved into our house,one of the things I was most excited about is that we have a kid-friendly public pool within easy walking distance. We’ve gone every day since it opened on Saturday.

Enjoy this list of top pool toys for tots and young swimmers.I’ve left off larger toys and floaties,since public pools generally don’t allow them.

For Tots

For Older Kids who can Swim (usually 5 and up)

  • Intex Dive Balls and Swimways Torpedo Bandits are popular choices. Kids swim to the bottom to retrieve them.
  • Splash Bombs are squishy balls that don’t hurt if they smack you in the head. You can pick them up at Walmart and other stores.
  • My local pool allows squirt guns,although I really wish they wouldn’t. Kids love them,though,and these foam-wrapped Max Liquidator Eliminators even float.
  • And although they’re not really toys,my son’s goggles keep him entertained for hours. We like the Aqua Sphere ones because they’re easier on the eye sockets than the Speedo kind.


I've seen them at Big5 starting at about $30 for

2003-07-15 13:45:08 by noah

A 3 person boat including a pump and some oars, of course official these are classified as inftable toys and only good for a pool or putty around shore at a calm lake. Probably the cheapest certified water craft will be a few hundrad dollars that you can find at a real marine supply type store, or even costco had a semi-nice one for maybe $150 and are good for longer trips but still on flat calm water

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