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Posted on October 23, 2013 – 06:07 pm

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There is nothing like a swimming pool to add fun to family time in your backyard, and pool toys certainly add to that fun. But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy pool toys, because once you jump into the cool blue water of a swimming pool, everyone feels like a kid at heart!

Swimming pool toys are a must for those that plan to spend countless hours of fun in their pool. Unless you are looking for a solitary oasis to relax in the quiet of your own backyard, then you will certainly want to include a repertoire of fun pool toys to have on hand when the gang comes by for a swim or you want to have some good times with your kids (or with your spouse!).

What types of pool toys are best? There really is no one pool toy that is superior to all others. The general rule of thumb is this: As long as the pool toy can provide some fun, is safe to use, and is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that it will endure, then it is a good pool toy. When it comes to toys for pools, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Below we list just a sampling of the types of swimming pool toys to choose from:

pool toy Inflatable pool toys – These are a must for any pool, whether you’re looking for hours of active fun or a great place to lounge and relax. Inflatable pool toys include floats, rings, and any other type of inflatable item that is made for the pool and can hold the weight of a person laying or sitting on it. There are also inflatable toys just for playing with, such as beach balls, blow up floating toys and other toys made for smaller children. There are also large inflatable pool toys, such as large slides, that can provide hours of fun and laughs.

Motorized pool toys – These can provide hours of fun! Motorized pool toys include boats, animals and other small toys that can be navigated along the water with the help of a small motor. They are not made for humans to ride on, but rather for a bit of fun from the side of the pool as you navigate a remote control to make the toy ride across the water.

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Above Ground Swimming Pools

2008-05-30 17:58:10 by Sparklies

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with kiddie pools for their dogs. I have done some research and narrowed it down to these:
1) Swimways Spring Pool
5ft in diameter, 2ft deep, spring collapsible (like the windshield sun shades used in cars). I'm afraid this might be to small for my dog to actually swim in it. I don't know how well the lining is going to hold up either.
2) Rectangular Blow-Up Pool
120" x 72" x 22", this is long enough but it's lacking in depth

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