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Posted on March 20, 2014 – 09:40 pm
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Safetybob wrote:

I would recommend putting a cover on that pool when not in use......perhaps that would keep kids and everything else out of the pool or this year I got a real pool ladder from Confer Plastics. I think it is the 7100 model that has sliding part that covers the stairs and locks in place when pool not in use and you have to slide it up and out of the way in order to use the pool. Something to consider....Bob E.

7100 has the flip up ladder, and the 7200 has the sliding cover to cover the stairs. 7200 is a little more sturdy but a bit more expensive.

8638 gallon 20'x52" Intex ultra frame round AG. 2650 gph Intex Sand Filter. Intex krystal Klear SWG. (newer model that includes copper ion generation) I also have a 1600 gph Intex Sand Filter that came with the pool, but upgraded before setting up the pool. Hayward 1091LX skimmer, Kreepy Krauly lil shark. Taylor K-2006 w/speed stir and sample sizer.

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Anyone have ideas for a planter box?

2010-05-03 19:51:04 by orggardeninghelp

I want to start a small organic garden. I was at one of the local stores here and saw they had plastic containers for growing but they were a little pricey. I realized the same plastic used on those is the same on the pools made for kids, so then I was thinking of just buying a kids plastic pool and using that.
Anyone have any ideas on what type of planter box I can use? Or if anyone has had success with something, please let me know.
I can always build a redwood box, but I am open to cheaper alternatives.

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