Dr. Pam's chiropractic and wellness blog: Flooding in Atlanta

Posted on September 23, 2009 – 00:00
Does your dog swim?

If you live in Atlanta (or followed the news here), you know we have had massive floods the past few days, nine people have died, and millions of dollars of damage have resulted. Yesterday, Governor Sonny Perdue was on TV declaring a state of emergency, and said "give it time for the waters to recede." That resonated with me, since as long as there is no interference, nature will do its job and the water depth will decrease. Interference here, would mean something that is preventing the water from going down, like if the water filled up a pool or other solid area. I have a small plastic kids pool in my office and it is filled to the top with water. That water isn't going to recede easily, the "interference" that prevents that is the plastic part of the pool. Make sense?The human body is the same....give it time and the body will heal, as long as there is no interference. Interference can be from a vertebral subluxation, a misalignment in the spine that is preventing the body from healing on its own. Removing that interference, which is what us Chiropractors do, and then the natural healing process of the body can heal. You can't lose 30 pounds in one day, you can't get to 15% body fat in one day, the body needs time. Just like the body needs time to heal. We as chiropractors help that process, by allowing the body the opportunity to heal as best as possible when we provide a chiropractic adjustment.

Make sense? It does to me. The natural order of the universe is what makes sense to me. If you want more of an explanation, let me know. Remember, chiropractic works!

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Even if you went in the water while you were

2005-07-28 23:48:57 by BleedingYouWouldntHave

A trail of red coming out of you, just like when kids pee in the pool you don't see it. Do you think all women in the world take showers, not baths, when they have their periods? It doesn't turn the water all red - I think the water actually gets up into your cooch a bit and slows the flow. If you don't bleed heavily you can kind of mitigate the situation.
(Sorry to be graphic, but the topic requires it...)
Use a tampon to be on the safe side. If you haven't used a tampon before, I'd recommend the Playtex ones with the plastic "gentle glide" applicator in the small or teenager size

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