Mostly Fit Mother: Day 11

Posted on September 9, 2013 – 02:46 am
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Whew, busy day lined up today! I went to bed early last night, although I tossed and turned a fair amount and DD didn't go to sleep on her own so she ended up climbing into bed with me and we both finally fell asleep around 9:30. A bit earlier than usual for me...but not enough to feel like it made a difference this morning.I did an "early" run, which for me means 7:30. I still need to map out my route to see the actual miles, but it is one that I like to do through the neighborhood and one that I feel like I am getting faster and faster on. Today I was done in 29 minutes 10 seconds. I want to add a few more blocks here and there to stretch is back out to the 35+ minute range. Even though I am tired and still feel like I am sucking wind and struggling during every run, it is fun to see my times start to inch down.

OK - so here's my rant for the day:

The past few weeks I have seen big plastic pools for sale outside of every grocery or hardware store around, and this week, when I have decided I want to buy one...they have all vanished. It is going to be a scorcher this weekend and I want a basic pool for our backyard - and all the stores have turned over to back to school. It is August 2. It is finally hot in Portland. What kids are going to want to go shop for a new backpack, lunch box, or fall clothes right now??? I always forget that you can't go out and buy something you want, when you want to use have to buy it during the "retail season". Aargh!


You R sufferinfrom THE ailment which got us HERE

2010-04-26 19:34:32 by okwonderwhy

~...TO BEGIN WITH.. Anthropocentrism-
"SAFER FOR EVERYONE"?? OH, you mean US HUMANS- don'-cha- HUH?
what "LIFE" will be like as humans living on this planet when the fishes are gone, or the ones that can live through our muck, so much poisoned by man that we can no longer eat them safely? (just about now,, huh- STUPID) or when THE SEAS ARE DEAD?? (from oil spills & other plastic crap, and absorbing all they do now,on & on, every single day hundreds of thousands of planes exhaust fumes, cars and more on the roads- IF the economies get better as our beloved politicians promise

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