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Posted on March 6, 2012 – 00:00

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Five doggone fun places to chill

Published: Monday,March 5,2012

Updated: Tuesday,March 6,2012 14:03

Cody Richeson

Jaki Hathcock and Lab/Pit Bull mix Chance are excited to walk in to “The Pooch Patio, ” where he can play with his canine friends for several hours.

Many people love their pets as if they were their own children. So we've gathered up five locations suitable for "man's best friend." Whether you take your dog out for some exercise,a night on the town or a play date while you're at work,we have you covered with a variety of pet-friendly places.

White Rock Dog Park

West Lawther Drive and East Lawther Drive

If you want your canine friend to get some exercise while making new friends,bring them to White Rock Dog Park. The park has been making pooches happy since 2001,with two separate areas for small and large dogs.High5PoochPatioEach park has plastic pools for dogs to play in and water buckets when they get thirsty. Vending machines are placed outside the park with toys and bones for your pup. But be aware after dark: Coyotes have been seen in the area and will attack an animal left alone

Check out: The lakeside ledge behind the park,where dogs love to run and jump into the water.

The Pooch Patio

3811 Fairmount St.,Dallas

This place is perfect if you're looking to relax with a glass of wine or coffee while your pooch gets a well-deserved groom. Or if you're more into doing it yourself,they offer self-serve grooming with everything provided,from the bath to the clippers. No appointment is necessary. Just walk right in. If you're wanting to drop the dogs off for some play time,doggie day care is available Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. There are three separate facilities based on your dog's size.

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