Pool Accessories for a Fun Pool Time

Posted on March 12, 2014 – 08:24 pm

Sunchaser Padded Pool Floating Lounge 2 Jul22

Swimming pools are great by themselves. Add a few accessories and the fun ramps up considerably. From playful pieces you can use in the pool to functional items around the poolside, we list down some accessories that will enhance your swimming experience.

Pool Floats

You can’t beat a comfortable pool float. That’s why when there is a limited number of pool floats available, there is normally some competition to see who gets to them first.Cyclone Small Swimming Pool Slide 2

These pool accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from simple noodles to help keep you afloat, to inflatable four-seaters that are perfect for the whole family.

If you want to simply relax in style and comfort, get a personal-sized float, such as Backyard Ocean’s Sunchaser Padded Pool Floating Lounge. This pool float is sturdy and fully padded with an extra-thick headrest. With two convenient cup holders on each armrest, it’s great for soaking up some rays or reading a good summer book.

Pool Slides

For added watery fun and excitement, there’s nothing like having a slide at your pool.

Recreate the thrill of a waterpark ride in your backyard with a variety of slides, such as twisters, straight-lines, and tunnels.Poolside Bar And Bar Stools

Slides are made from materials like vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, or cement, and various models are available for in-ground and above-ground pools.

If you have an in-ground pool, your kids will love zipping down our Cyclone Small Swimming Pool Slide. Safe, compact, and durable, this slide comes with a plumbing kit that pumps water down its surface for a super slippery splash into the pool.

Pool Bar

When you need to take a break from the pool, cozy up and enjoy some refreshments at your poolside bar.

A pool bar with stools is a convenient way to serve drinks and food at a pool party. Some poolside bars offer significant storage space and are quick to set up and maintain.Outdoor Solar Shower

Our Poolside Bar and Bar Stools are lightweight and sturdy, and fit easily along almost any wall.

Made with molded resin and featuring integrated footrests, this poolside accessory is a comfortable way to entertain and shoot the breeze with your friends while waiting for the barbecue to cook.

Poolside Shower

Ideal for pool parties, a poolside shower allows guests to shower before swimming and to rinse off without having to go in and out of your clean house.

Pool showers with cabanas offer swimmers a convenient place to change and rinse.

If you want to enjoy a warm shower al fresco, then consider Backyard Ocean’s Outdoor Solar Shower. Simply fill up this shower with a garden hose and the sun’s energy heats up the water.

This eco-friendly and easy-to-assemble shower is a refreshing solution to a hot and sunny summer day.

Visit our pool accessories and poolside fixtures sections, and discover practical and affordable items that will boost the fun and festivity of your next swimming party.

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Pond forms

2012-11-19 08:56:18 by snuffbox

There's the flimsy film type and the harder plastic ones. They're a bit irregular in shape, not simple round.
A kiddie pool would be a cheap alternative, but won't hold up to several years of sun.
For the 2' diameter type of planters, find yourself a source of plastic shipping drums and cut them in half. I use such things for storing bags of soil additives (sphagnum peat moss for instance), as well as cutting in half, notching for drainage and burying in the ground for protection against gophers.
I agree with another poster that if you're looking for a suffic

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