Mommy's Apron Strings: Guest Post by Geek Dad: Super Slip & Slide

Posted on July 22, 2013 – 18:04

Davy and I started laying out the tarp and placing the pool noodles along each edge and at the bottom. There were two pool noodles at the bottom and six pool noodles along each side evenly spaced. I then cut the Velcro strips in half and into 2" strips. We placed three at each pool noodle,one on each end and one in the middle (42 strips in total). We started with the bottom pool noodles and placed the Velcro about a 1/4" from the edge and then wrapped the sheeting around the pool noodles (see photo).

At this point Davy lost interest,but Rose came out to help. We did the side pool noodles to allow for a little extra plastic wrap so we could use the tarp clips (see photo). Next we turned it over and laid out the sprinkler hose as evenly as we could,but the hose was not long enough since it had to go along the bottom of the slide (I'll have to look for a longer hose). We attached the sprinkler hose with Velcro strips placed at the center of pool noodle and extra at the turns at the bottom. Next I hooked up the tarp clipes and achored the SSNS with the landsxaping pins. Note that I think I will need to get more tarp clips and some heary duty plastic spikes to really hold the SSNS in place. The last step was hooking up the hose,turning on the water and letting the fun begin!


Intermatic Intermatic Timers Plastic Tripper F/P Series (PK of 2 Red& Green) 156PB10398A
Lawn & Patio (Intermatic)
  • Plastic on and off Trippers for Intermatic Manual Timers
  • Made for the following Intermatic model numbers: TN111, TN311
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Can you cut the

2012-11-14 09:19:40 by Seed_Starter

Gardening supplies and cell phone
I'm an avid gardener, I buy gardening supplies once or twice a year. Make your own compost, save your own seeds, etc.
Can you cut down on the cell phones? We got a magic jack (you might also try google voice) for me the stay at home parent, and a prepaid emergency cell for the car if an emergency happens. Hubby also has a prepaid cell. All the minutes for the year are $200.
Cloth diapers are a great way to go but they cost some money up front. I tried the kind with the pins and plastic pants but when one of the pins came undone on my kid in their sleep, I switched to the Fuzzibunz kind with snaps

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