A plastic cover is made for a pool with a diameter of 24 feet. The cover will rest on the top of the pool and will include a wedge-shaped flap that forms a 45 degree angle at the c

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Angle at center described by an ArcThe angle described by an arc at center is 45 degrees.

Arc of a circle

The Length of Arc is given by formula

Conversion of angles from degrees to radian:

The relation between two units of angle measurement is :

2* rad = 360 degrees

Area of Arc when angle in radians is,

Hence, For a Circle of radius 12 the Arc length is 9.42477795 when it subtends an angle of 45 degrees at center.

For more on this topic, See the lessons on Circles and their properties

Some relevant wikipedia articles for the topic.

Source: www.algebra.com

Pool cover

2003-10-23 21:55:03 by Swimming

Just bought a house with an inground pool. Does it need to be covered for the winter? I have an infant and was told that a cover can be as much of a hazard than no cover because of entrapment. I was thinking about getting a large tarp and stringing it tight over the pool. I have seen really really expensive plastic covers that you can stand on, but we're tapped out from buying the house. We will keep our kid away from this area of the house, but....you never know. Any suggestions?

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