100 Plastic Play Balls ~OR~ Pop-Up Pool

Posted on May 16, 2013 – 00:00

It's Good For Them

Ball pits … the greatest invention since the petri dish.

Man, when I was a kid, my absolute favorite thing (besides those little Hostess pies filled with the custard) was a good ball pit. While all the other kids were off playing Skee ball, I was buried deep within that festering abyss, just waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and yell at mom, "Surprise! Now I've got the flu."

Just three short months and a series of vaccinations later, I'd be at it again. It may have been gross, but let me tell ya. I now have the Lou Ferrigno of immune systems. So it was totally worth it.

But let's just say, for argument's sake, that letting your kid wallow around in other kids' filth isn't the best idea. I get it. When Chicken Pox parties started going the way of the mud pie, I knew it was only a matter of time. It's OK, though!

You can buy these soft and lightweight plastic play balls and pop-up kiddy pool and let your kid wallow around in his own filth exclusively! Then when he's done, you can dump out the balls, fill the pool with Purell and let him take a nice little hand sanitizer dip. It's win-win!

Source: kids.woot.com

I think the snaps idea is good

2010-06-29 19:49:02 by sublimationman

I would be afraid any hooks might pose a child hazard. Snaps would work, find a local upholstery supply and ask them, they make ones for boats that screw into wood then use the press in ones on the tarp.
Another thought (thinking kid friendly) would be to cut pockets along the edge of the tarp in several places (think pool table pockets) put a bungee cord all around the edge, fold the tarp over it and sew it in.
Then find some large screws with a ball on the end (like they have on machines) and screw them into the wood pointing out on the sides of the sandbox

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