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Posted on July 12, 2013 – 00:00


Name: Hattie, 1
Location: Richmond, VA

Since babies always end up playing with the box that a toy came in (more than the toy itself) and because our daughter loves anything that rolls, it seemed fitting to have a "Boxes and Balls" theme for Hattie's first birthday.

We thankfully knew someone that worked at an appliance store, so we were able to get more appliance boxes than we could possibly need. We built two castles with a tunnel that connected the two. The tunnel was a big hit with the kids and resulted in many crawling traffic jams. We also had another box house with a door that swung open.

To incorporate balls into our party we had a baby pool that we filled with plastic balls. I also made a ball-shaped pinata for the kids to destroy.

In line with our simple theme, we kept the food simple. We had fried chicken with all of the typical southern side dishes. I made the cake and a small smash cake for Hattie to dig into.

The party favors were milk and cookies. The cookies were placed into cardboard colored take-out boxes that were lined with cardboard shreds. The take-out boxes had pink and yellow flags attached to the handles to incorporate our pink and yellow color scheme.

Hattie may not remember this party but it is something that her fathere and I will never forget. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby or more perfect 1st birthday.

Thanks, Amber!

(Images: Amber)


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I lied to you all again :(

2008-05-02 10:43:49 by CinJin

My husband just informed me that his assistant manager hurt herself and is out of work until more tests can be done on her back. So his vacation is cancelled. AND he has to work the weekend, which he already did last weekend to prepare for his time off. Oh well
I'm still going to use some of these ideas.
BTW - 80% of everything in the pink room is already in clear plastic bins. They are all the same brand and shape, just different sizes. So stacking and sorting is really easy once it gets all downstairs.
Also, we are not on a water table. The basement has been occupied for several years as a rec room by kids we've taken in

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