Does a pool add value to your home??

Posted on September 8, 2013 – 02:38 am
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Here in Arizona where the summers are hot and long, the grills are on and your friends, family and kids are in the pool, having a private pool in your backyard feels like a must. You capture these brutally hot days with pictures of a good game of pool volleyball, chicken and noodle fights, wave pools the kids have created, even relaxation and it’s usually accompanied with laughter and smiles. As the days go on, peak of summer is reached, and then our steady decline into fall begins, all the Facebook posts and conversations turn into memories and the pool cover it put on till next year. In the meantime as the owner of a pool, regardless if it’s being utilized or not, you must maintain it, pay the extra utility bills and watch the kids around water.

So, does the cost of a pool add value to your home upon re-sale? The Answer, it depends.

When buying a home with a private pool, any buyer must keep in mind that your property taxes will be higher than your surrounding neighbors who’ve opted out of a pool. The amount will vary depending on the layout, size and design of the pool. What does that mean? A small play pool with no water features, no boulders, a creepy crawler, kool decking will be cheaper than the diving pool next door with a beautiful water feature, rock slide, travertine deck, in ground cleaning system and swim up bar. The more upgrades the pool itself has, the higher your property taxes will be.

You also run the risk of losing potential buyers who have small children due to the added liability. The reason I mention this is because many homes, especially in Maricopa, were designed for families. If you look at the average home being purchased in Maricopa, AZ they are 4 bedroom, 2, 200 sq.ft homes near schools.

Let’s say you install a pool after purchasing your home. It’s safe to say that your standard play pool with an 80 ft. perimeter that has a maximum depth of maybe 5 ft and can easily fit in any yard due to it’s small size being sold at $14, 999 with no upgrades or warranties will not likely increase your home value. If you spend an extra $10K, get a pebble-tech finish, opt for the pop-ups, and consider a travertine deck using the same 80 ft perimeter dimensions, this would be more desirable for buyers. Now your financially into your pool $26K+. Depending on the market, the appraisal value of the upgraded pool may get you an additional $10K (this will vary based on the pool) upon re-sale.

What if you buy a home with a pool already in place? Well, for starters, you’ve saved $15K on pool installation costs and re-sale value. But, you’ll still need to maintain the pool and pay the additional property taxes. With that, upgrades to the home itself to increase home value will likely be needed and sometimes these types of projects can be enjoyable. You’re creating your dream home and have a functional backyard to go along with it.

A key ingredient a pool must have is desirability. If you were to have 2 identical homes with the same floor plan, same upgrades, etc. with the only difference being the back yard pool appearance, which would you choose – The home that has lush green landscaping, a few pigmy palms, maybe a palm tree with a few small ground cover plants surrounding the pool or the backyard with a pool completely surrounded by dirt and rock? If you’re going to spend the money for a pool, make sure you include the landscaping.


Bad News on a Rainy Day

2007-10-20 06:34:52 by OldMack

The houses east and west of ours on the north side of our street are vacant, their lawns shaggy and full of cockelburrs, but their driveways are empty and provide a place for the yard-sale shoppers to turn their vehicles around--ours is a dead-end street both actually and metaphorically.
The young couples who vacated the houses next door were nice, friendly when they weren't working their cans off to make the payments on their mortgages, property taxes, insurance and maintenance on their homes, their SUVs (2 per family) and their new swimming pools. They stuck it out until the kids started school, almost 5 years

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