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Posted on April 14, 2011 – 00:00
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April 15, 2011 By poolsbilliards

Kids Playing Pool from a Young Age

There isn’t a better time to start playing billiards than at a young age. I still remember the frustration of watching my oldest sister play on the family pool table while I sat in the corner, deemed too young. These days there are a lot of options for kids of all ages to get involved.

Kids Using Adult Pool Tables

Most children love playing with balls and colorful polished pool balls are even better. Kids from a very young age will roll balls around watch them bounce off the cushion, collide and fall in the pocket. This can keep kids amused for hours even, when they are too young to use a cue. While rolling the balls can be satisfying it also helps the children learn the laws of physics and how the balls react with one another and the cushion. This will also help kids when they are old enough to pick up a pool cue.

Teaching Kids to Play Pool

It is a good idea to teach children to play pool using a bridge cue. For a child using their hand for a bridge takes practice. You may want to have them stand on a chair or stool and line up their shots with the bridge cue. The game can be very rewarding almost instantly when this technique is used. Smaller pool cues are also helpful in making the game more accessible for little children. There is even a kids cue made by Brunswick that has the cue ball attached to the end of a short cue. This can be a good starter cue also.

Kids and Pool Table Damag


Maybe your kid is one of "those" kids???

2010-06-01 10:38:31 by FooserX

Adult games and pool tables are expensive, and maybe your kid acts like a....shocker...10 year old! Maybe he's even worse than the normal 10 year old, and your bf doesn't trust him around his things.
Your post says "my son is no longer allowed to play in the game room"...which suggests that at one point he was allowed in there.
So please just acknowledge the facts and not make this into some dumb power struggle issue. Make a compromise and let the kid go in there when he's there to supervise him.
Maybe you let your kid be a little too carefree and that's why he doesn't trust you either

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