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Posted on February 8, 2014 – 09:19 am
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When people get plastic surgery, not their children are the traits they had before or after surgery?

As if I had the plastic surgery and then I had a child, would that child be the features that I have now? Or traits that I had before plastic surgery? Incidentally, I do not get plastic surgery. I am against it .... But my friend was curious about it.

The traits that you provide your children according to your DNA. When you get plastic surgery you do not change your DNA, whether or not your features before and after surgery is not change.Trait term in the field of genetics that returns a specific allele that causes a specific property. Instead you "mask" them. Your Children will receive your features, they would simply not be "hidden." But if you intended the line means that in physical appearance, then the answer to your question would be that they would get in your face before your surgery. I see nothing wrong with plastic surgery and not trying to insulted when I use the term mask.

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Anyone have ideas for a planter box?

2010-05-03 19:51:04 by orggardeninghelp

I want to start a small organic garden. I was at one of the local stores here and saw they had plastic containers for growing but they were a little pricey. I realized the same plastic used on those is the same on the pools made for kids, so then I was thinking of just buying a kids plastic pool and using that.
Anyone have any ideas on what type of planter box I can use? Or if anyone has had success with something, please let me know.
I can always build a redwood box, but I am open to cheaper alternatives.

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If there's no pool available, consider dipping your feet in the kids' paddling pool. Note – if you live in a swamp-type area, it's a bad idea to leave that pool out overnight, as it becomes a magnet for mosquitoes.

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