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Susan Harbage Page

Performance/Installation,Brownsville. Sponsored by Galleria 409.

by David Freeman

Susan Harbage Page recently presented a performance/installation work at the Brownsville River directly beneath the Mexico -U.S. Gateway International Border Bridge. Galleria 409 was the patron and the community organizer for this event. The piece was a socio-political commentary protesting the border wall along the Texas Mexico border.Susan Harbage Page -3Her concept was to also bring notice to the idea of a renovation of a historical Brownsville site – the implementation of the historical riverbank ‘board walk’ of yesteryear. The Border Patrol now are the only ones allowed accesses to the riverbank but Harbage Page wants to see a river walk utilized as recreational areas for the community much like that of San Antonio. The local community assistants separated into two groups and set out to manage and form the piece from both the Mexican and U.S. riverbanks. The workers filled hundreds of children’s inflatable inner tubes,strung them together and systematically fed them to the swimmer in the river,Harbage Page then symbolically swam out and united the tubes in the middle and completed the unification of the peoples border communities.Susan Harbage Page -1

Harbage Page also designed and fabricated a Welcome Station out of debris and found objects from the riverbank,she setup a table with trophies and medals celebrating the crossing of the river by anyone coming over by water means. The trophies were store bought swimming and running models and she also had a hand written sign on cardboard that welcomed the participants.

There was a grand juxtaposition of extremes witnessed in the floating river piece once it was connected to both countries riverbanks. Often when you walk across the bridge you see people swimming across in tubes or just the head of person stealthily swimming with a raised arm full of his only belongings or a couple and their baby paddling rapidly trying to out run an approaching Border Patrol vehicle,this dramatic and sometimes tragic scenario played off a string of colorful kids pool inflatables is quite remarkable and the work spotlights a difference of lifestyles,freedoms and opportunities.


Kauai has some good stuff for young kids

2003-09-29 16:29:42 by hawaiilover

Lydgate State Park has rock walls built into the ocean to buffer the surf, even a kiddie pool. They also have a huge play structure in the park. Stay at the (Holiday Inn) Sunspree, now called Aloha Beach Resort, to be right next to there. Kapaa is a nice central location for exploring the island. Plus Kauai is not too big so you can get away with taking them in the car for day trips.

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