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Posted on October 12, 2011 – 00:00
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Richard asks…How do you recycle the kids plastic pools? Anybody know?Jason answers:Just put it out by the street and I bet it will be gone before the morningWilliam asks…What is the best ship to travel to alaska fun for kids (like pools and stuff) and luxury boutiques?Jason answers:Well, it depends on when you are planning on travelling. Starting next year the Disney Magic is doing an Alaska cruise departing and returning to Vancouver, BC. As it is Disney they tend to focus a bit more of their resources towards youth. However as to luxury boutiques you will probably find that mostRead more ...


I've decided hot to mount the stripper pole.....

2012-04-25 11:56:32 by CL4FUN08

Found the studs in the ceiling and some decent concrete bolts that won't make to big of a hole in the garage floor. I'm thinking I will put some carpet down around the pole as well. There were several requests for a pool. I'm thinking a few of those little plastic kids pools in the back yard. Also found some cheap sheets for the spare bedrooms. I know SOMEONE is gonna hood up so I've planned on burning the sheets the next day.

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The baby peeing!!

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If there's no pool available, consider dipping your feet in the kids' paddling pool. Note – if you live in a swamp-type area, it's a bad idea to leave that pool out overnight, as it becomes a magnet for mosquitoes.

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