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Posted on November 21, 2013 – 04:12 am
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From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, I’m Ira Dreyfuss with HHS HealthBeat.

People are not the only creatures in a swimming pool. Swimmers might introduce germs into the water, too. Chlorine and other disinfectants kill most germs within minutes, not instantly. If you swallow pool water, you risk swallowing germs that can cause waterborne diseases.

That’s especially a problem for children. At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Michele Hlavsa:

“Studies show that young children tend to drink more water while swimming than adults. Because they drink more water, they’re more likely to get sick.”

Hlavsa advises parents to help protect kids by encouraging them to keep water out of their mouths. They can help to protect other kids by giving their kids a pre-swim wash, not letting them swim with diarrhea, and taking them

HHS HealthBeat is a production of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I’m Ira Dreyfuss.

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I was disturbed by the tan lines too

2007-07-09 13:42:27 by -

My girls tan very easily as well, and I agree that it's possible the kids were wearing spf 50 but still got very tan pediatrician advises as little direct sun exposure as possible for little babies. And I agree with him.
Partly because all kids should be wearing hats, sunglasses, tshirts over bathing suits etc when playing outside in the pool. (see Violet Affleck's Hawaii pictures for a healthy example)
It's really hard to keep a hat and sunglasses on a kid under age 5. Even harder under age 2.
Mommy Britney is all covered up and almost always wearing sunglasses outside

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