Sunny and windy, not good for ringy!

Posted on May 2, 2011 – 00:00

It's been a bright and breezy weekend everywhere in the UK by the sound of it. We ventured out on Saturday to ring at Cowell Flats which is a moorland habitat with decent birch growth. Putting the nets up was like holding a sail when the gusts came through and getting through the undergrowth is like wading into a kids ball pool with lumps in it! We persevered however and caught 99% Willow Warbler and 1% Mistle Thrush, which was a new bird for Millie. We don't tend to catch many Mistle Thrush so that was a quality bird, worth everyones effort.Round and about there were loads of Willow Warblers singing, Stonechat, Reed Bunting, Mistle Thrush, Golden Plover, Curlew, Linnet and the star bird was a Ring Ouzel feeding in a field just over the road from the ringing station. It's a good place to stand around in even if the ringing is slow. We were hoping to see a Cuckoo or two in the area but none were seen or heard. Two were reported the very next day on the excellent Sheffield Bird Study Group website.

Mistle Thrush feeding, courtesy Millie

Mistle Thrush, checking the sex of the bird, this one was a male.

Mistle Thush
Ring Ouzel, courtesy Millie

After packing up we headed around the corner for some Lapwing chicks that Steve had seen the day before. The adults were all around and it didn't take long to for Steve to find some hazardously hanging around in the verge by the road. We pit stopped and I pocketed three chicks, followed shortly by a couple more. We returned them safely to a field over a stone wall. A quick check in another field caught me and Jilly three more chicks from a brood of four. It was a very nice end to the morning.
Lapwing chick

Lapwing chick

I've just had to dive out into the garden and get two House Sparrows out of the net, one of them being a retrap from a month earlier, TA07801, the first sparrow we caught.
TA07801 our first House Sparrow :)


Crazy for wanting the kids to have life jackets

2012-05-17 11:12:09 by sca_lbg

When we go to the beach? I dont plan on getting out in the water above their heads but it will be me and 3 kids by myself along with my 14 year old neice.
Kids are 10, 7, and 4. The 10 and 7 year old can "swim" in a pool. Not very good, hence the quotations, but they know how to go under the water and hold their breath and not drown. It is a whole different ball game though when you are talking waves and currents and what not I think. Im not sure how they will do and obviously I cant hold them all. lol
My dad says I am overreacting a bit but it just seems to me to be the smart thing to do.

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