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Welcome to intex inflatable pools
Presentation to Inflatables Mats & Lounges Pools & Manoeuvre… Ld. – Intex Development Co.. Ltd. – Intex…
Intex Kids Pools Intex Kids Pool Intex Kids Swimming Pools.
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#. : Intex Swim Center Inflatable Pool, 103″ x 69…
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Anyone else have one of those inflatable pools?

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How much chlorine does it use? Mine is 10'x2.5' and I'm using about 0.7 oz of chlorine every other day. That seems like a lot to me. Is that alot?
Also, how often do you shock? I'm shocking about every week and a half or two weeks, and I'm wondering if that's enough. I'd hate for my kid to get sick because of bacteria in it or something.

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