ALO – Plastic Bubble (Live on Jam Cruise 11)

Posted on February 19, 2013 – 00:00

California’s Animal Liberation Orchestra,aka ALO,were one of the band’s that impressed me most on last month’s Jam Cruise 11.I’ve been waiting for official videos of their sets and others to appear online.Today,a clip of ALO performing Plastic Bubble,a catchy tune they’ve performed on Jam Cruise 7 and Jam Cruise 9 as well,was uploaded to the JamCruiseTV YouTube channel.

Watch as ALO plays Plastic Bubble on the Pool Deck during Jam Cruise 11…



2008-05-07 11:42:06 by Island-Boy

We do not heat our pool at this time, we just never use it when its cold. We had a solar cover at one time, looked like dark blue bubble wrap. This cover worked fantastically, but was inconveniant, and finally dried out and left little pieces of plastic in the filter.
I have thought about putting in an air-handler with flexible ductwork for AC, do you know where I might find info about those combined systems?

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