Wind blows away last of blue plastic pool era

Posted on December 11, 2013 – 12:46 pm
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22 May 2013

by diffdrum in Master Archive

My little blue plastic pool is no more. Like the pool, itself, I was blown away when I discovered it had gone to a final resting place in the attic of the wind. And just when I was thinking of getting off my dead butt and going outside to retrieve it from the spot it had initially blown to, out by the far side of my long, U-shaped driveway!
In fairness to myself, it had been raining pretty hard when the pool blew away from its wintering spot out beside the giant, ugly pile of branches next to my equally ugly Dish and Hughes Net satellite dishes. While I mentally moved it several times, I was unable to levitate the pool, let alone psychically put it away.
My kids and I last used the pool last fall to move windblown debris from the yard. We had then leaned the pool to rest, upside down, next to the mother lode pile of sticks I keep hoping my nephews will use a tractor to push out into the field for burning.
I had meant to drag the little blue plastic pool to the basement, but it had snowed before I found enough daylight time and ambition simultaneously available to drag the thing down there. I then vowed to toss it down the outside cellarway steps the next time I moved wood down there. But alas, good intentions don’t make much happen.
What was so special about this little blue plastic pool that couldn’t be replaced? Well for starts, that it was purchased at Hensley’s dime store in Union City when the establishment was still open and doing a respectable business. And then there are the irreplaceable memories associated with the pool.
I bought it 10 years ago, when I first moved back to my hometown. Connor was but two years old and Kate only one. They didn’t need much of a pool back then, just something a little wider and deeper than the average mud puddles to help keep them out of them.
The first time we filled the little blue plastic pool, the


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Crazy kids. Shoulda done this in my dorm.

2004-03-11 11:02:58 by Xzisted

NYU's newest pool opened in early February on the sixth floor of University residence hall. There's no chlorine, and its drainage system is a garden hose.
Jenny Maurer and Lauren Burge, General Studies Program freshmen, installed the 10-foot- by-6-foot pool in the living room of their four-person suite last month. Since then, the 400-gallon blue plastic tub has been the focus of three pool parties, was rumored to have broken the dorm's hot-water system and caught the attention of NYU administrators.
Mauer and Burge purchased the pool over the Internet, throwing a party to raise half the $120 cost

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