Ministersin: Minister Sin's Desert Revival

Posted on January 22, 2014 – 04:07 am
Redneck swimming pool-Do you have one??

Thinking about the old days I was going through some pictures. In 2001 I held a revival in the Arizona desert. Preaching from the top of my Minister Sinister van I ordained and baptised (in a big plastic kids pool) 33 people that day. About 1/2 of those joined my TOCNASF (The Organization of Clergy Not Afraid to Say Fuck). During that 2 year road trip I ordained over 300 people, from as far away as Japan. I had to attend the funeral of one of my clergy a few years ago. But I'm sure most of the 300 are still alive and well, preaching the gospel somewhere out there.
Here are some pictures from Minister Sin's Desert Revival (a special gift for some of you who never saw the "SuiSide Show Circus" van, or me in angry hippy mode):


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We sruvived another b-day party

2003-07-26 21:25:09 by Alenushka

It was for my 4 yo and we had 15 kids over and their parents. We had slip and slide, the big wading pool, all sort of plastic cars and biked, bubble machine (Target
$12), and chalk and "pet the chiken". It was very mellow disorganized party, no Daffy Dave and such. Hot dogs and salad, train cake (my DH decorated it untill 2
am) and home made ice cream. PinataKids pretty much just ran around. Still, we are eggzausted. I was on the couch with my DH, watching our son play with his new toys when I said, "It was fun but I am glad that b-day only come once a year", and very somberly my DH

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