Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Liner Pools vs. Concrete or Gunite Pools

Posted on December 31, 2013 – 11:01 pm

Professor Pool — By Tim Colon on January 26, 2013 1:51 pm

professor_pool-img Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Liner Pools vs. Concrete or Gunite Pools: An Honest Comparison

Many people often ask us, “Is there an unbiased comparison of in ground fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and concrete or gunite pools on the internet?”

This article is our effort to provide an objective source of information about the three types of in ground swimming pools. The approach is simple. We’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of in ground fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and concrete pools.

Fiberglass pools


  • Lowest maintenance. The solid surface of a fiberglass pool shell is nonporous. This reduces the potential for algae growth and the amount of sanitizing chemicals required to maintain the pool.
  • Little or no lifetime cost. Fiberglass pools eliminate the need of a replacement liner.
  • Non-abrasive surface. The solid surface of fiberglass pools is smooth to the touch.
  • Built-in seats, tanning ledges, and steps. Most fiberglass pool designs have seating and all have steps incorporated into the shell of the pool.
  • Quick installation. Because the shells of fiberglass pools are built off site, the installation occurs more rapidly. The average installation time is completed in 3-4 weeks on average.
  • Reparable. In the event that scratches or surface cracks appear on your fiberglass pool they are easily repaired. This is often accomplished with very little visual evidence of the repair.


  • Limited shapes and designs. Because fiberglass pools are built from a mold, the consumer is limited to the shapes and sizes offered by the various fiberglass pool manufacturers.


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Hmm...this is an interesting part in that link

2007-09-25 06:43:51 by Iamnewhere1

"Salt water pool systems definitely do not create any buildup of any kind in a swimming pool and do not harm gunite or any other pool surface. Incidentally, for a vinyl-lined pool, salt water systems are much better for the liner than adding chlorine. Salt water systems are better for pools and for the people who use them - No toxic chemicals to be stored or handled; no chlorine smell nor stinging eyes; & lower maintenance."

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