GasTec Now Offering Propane Service for Residential Pools This July

Posted on June 24, 2013 – 00:00
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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- As of June 21st, the summer of 2013 is officially underway. Millions of Americans have already begun enjoying their pools. Most homeowners open their pools around Memorial Day weekend, because the average outdoor temperature becomes warmer. Most people will open their pools as long as the water temperature is over 50 degrees. However, spring and early summer temperatures can be very volatile. Sometimes, spring temperatures can range from over 80 degrees to below 50 degrees. Without being able to successfully predict the weather, many homeowners become hesitant to open their pools until the summer. Thankfully, GasTec customers don’t have to rely on the mercy of the weather. Now, GasTec is offering propane service for residential pools and spas.

Living in Pennsylvania and New Jersey certainly has its perks. However, the summer season only lasts for about a quarter of the year in the northeastern United States. Many Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents have installed pools in their backyards. Pool owners look forward to opening them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many pool owners have to wait until weather conditions improve and water temperatures reach a desired level. GasTec is now offering propane service to help pool owners enjoy their pools for a longer time period.

Propane pool heaters are a tremendous resource and help to maintain pool temperatures at almost any desired level. Regardless of the time of year, propane systems can allow a pool owner to heat water temperatures fast. Many pool owners spend a significant amount of money on a pool installation, only to use it for a few weekends per year. Now, GasTec can help pool owners spend more time enjoying the water. Furthermore, propane is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient means to heat a pool. GasTec has been offering pool propane heating in Yardley for years and can develop an individualized propane heating system for any customer. GasTec will be happy to answer any questions about installing or upgrading a propane system.

About GasTec
GasTec’s main goal is to provide the most convenient services at cost effective prices for commercial, industrial, residential, agriculture and many other various areas. Whether it is the restaurant industry or a construction site, GasTec is more than confident they will surpass all clients’ expectations with automatic deliveries and their focused areas of concentration.

To hear more about GasTec’s propane tank installation services visit or give them a call at 1-888-449-3585.


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What is safer a gun or a pool?

2007-06-06 08:42:34 by uncle_rico

Sometimes you need to look at the big picture
from "Freakonomics"
In a given year, there is one drowning of a child for every 11,000 residential pools in the United States. (In a country with 6 million pools, this means that roughly 550 children under the age of ten drown each year.) Meanwhile, there is 1 child killed by a gun for every 1 million plus guns. (In a country with an estimated 200 million guns, this means that roughly 175 children under ten die each year from guns.) The likelihood of death by pool (1 in 11,000) versus death by gun (1 in 1 million-plus) isn't even close:

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