Portable pools help them learn to swim

Posted on February 15, 2014 – 12:31 pm


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Learning swimming in portable pool

Akram Hosen

With a view to providing swimming lessons to children living near water bodies in the city,UNICEF runs three portable swimming pools offering free swimming lessons to children for more than three years.
While many of the children living in the slums near the swamps in Dhaka are at risk of drowning,swimming lessons can avert many tragedies.
“Much of the risk of drowning can be minimized by teaching the children of those slums how to swim. As their parents can’t afford swimming lessons for them,our portable pools are an effort to make them immune to drowning, ” said Syed Imtiaz Ahmed,child protection officer of UNICEF.
The three portable pools—one near Taltola,Agargaon; one near Mirpur 11; and one in DOHS,Mahakhali—offer 15 days training to children aged between 4 and 10. However,those who take longer to learn can receive the training until they graduate.
In order to graduate,a child needs to display the skills of survival in water,swim 25 metres straight and float for 30seconds,informed Imtiaz.child05The graduates also know rescue techniques.
On an average,about 3, 000 children graduate every year since 2009,when the pools were installed.
“I know that I have to gain energy by floating idly for a few moments when I need to swim a long distance at a stretch, ” said a seven years old Helal Rafi who live near Baunia Bazar slum at Mirpur 11. His instructor Rima Akter said that he learnt most of the swimming lessons in 12 days only.
“Most children are quick learners and find the lessons fun, ” added the 20 years old instructor.
The hour-long classes begin at 9:00am in the morning and go on till late in the afternoon. Batches consisting of a maximum of 18 children take the instructions.child06Children begin to flock around the pool even before the class of the previous batch is finished.
“The advantage of having portable pools is that we will be able to move them somewhere else when all children of these areas graduate, ” said Imtiaz.
The risk of drowning for urban children,who can’t swim,increases when they visit their parental homes in villages near rivers.
Besides,there are many shanty houses made of bamboo and thatch on the water bodies in Dhaka. The banks of rivers flowing through Dhaka are also crammed with permanent and temporary houses. It is crucial that children of these communities learn how to swim.

Learning swimming in portable pool

Although about 50 children die by drowning in Bangladesh everyday,most parents do not take the

Source: childrights.thedailystar.net

More likely there is a clause in your

2007-09-07 14:42:05 by rental_contract

That prohibits things like waterbeds, aquariums, portable pools and other items that present even a small flood hazard.
I'd definitely check my RA first, that's pretty standard stuff....but if it's cool, those little pools are a great way to beat the heat; we bought an 8' x 30" one for $20 and it's in its third season now with no signs of wear at all- definitely came in handy last week when the temp was 105º-110º for three days in a row.

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