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July 1st,2013. Pool & Backyard Designs,Wonderful Portable Swimming Pools Inflatable and Intex.

If you do not have enough space of your home or money to build a permanent pool,you can have or even rent portable swimming pools.Wonderful Portable Swimming Pools Inflatable and Intex: Marvelous Modern Minimalist Wooden Deck Portable Swimming Pools Design ~ stepinit.com Pool & Backyard Designs InspirationThere are two types of portable pools,inflatable swimming pools and intex swimming pools. Both of them are designed to give you please experience with your kids and family. Here,let us discuss more about the inflatable swimming pools and the intex swimming pools.

Inflatable Portable Swimming Pools

Some of you may prefer to have the inflatable portable pool since it is friendlier to have. It can be inflated after being used and kept easily in your storehouse. There are some designs of this type of above ground portable swimming pool,ring,rectangular,glass-like shape,and certain animal or building. Commonly,this inflatable swimming pool is for kids,even babies.Wonderful Portable Swimming Pools Inflatable and Intex: Extravagant Blue White Small Portable Swimming Pools Design ~ stepinit.com Pool & Backyard Designs InspirationYou can see the pictures of inflatable portable pool and find some unique designs of portable pool for kids.

Intex Portable Swimming Pools

Different with the inflatable portable pools which are more appropriate for kids,the intex portable pool is also appropriate for adults since the material is stronger than the inflatable pool and supported by some poles like a tent. Commonly,the intex pool is larger than the inflatable pool and appears in various designs. It can be a rounded,oval or rectangular shape. The color is also limited on blue and white colors without any printed characters on it.

Those are some ideas of portable pools which are divided in two types based on the design,the user and the size. I have ever rent an intex swimming pool and swum together with my family. It was able to cover 6 persons,4 adults and two children. The time was very exciting. Similar with the intex pools,the inflatable above ground swimming pools will also give exciting experience for your kids.

Wonderful Portable Swimming Pools Inflatable and Intex: Elegant Modern Style White Gray Portable Swimming Pools Design IDeas ~ stepinit.com Pool & Backyard Designs Inspiration

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Anyone else have one of those inflatable pools?

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How much chlorine does it use? Mine is 10'x2.5' and I'm using about 0.7 oz of chlorine every other day. That seems like a lot to me. Is that alot?
Also, how often do you shock? I'm shocking about every week and a half or two weeks, and I'm wondering if that's enough. I'd hate for my kid to get sick because of bacteria in it or something.

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