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Posted on December 17, 2013 – 08:34 pm

We are going giveaway crazy here at Toymaster HQ! And what better prize to giveaway than a paddling pool?! Today we are giving away two pools and all you have to do to enter into the draw is ”Follow” Toby Toymaster on Twitter and Tweet him with #SPLISHSPLASH and “Like” Toby Toymaster’s F acebook page and comment SPLISH!SPLASH! on his timeline….it really is that easy! All names will be entered into the draw and two winners will be picked at random today (19/7/13)!!

Good luck everyone!!

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Trying to Ignore Rude People At

2004-08-11 11:04:52 by publicpool

Okay, so I like to go swimming and I am a beginner swimmer to say the least. I found a nearby pool that I like--- with one exception.....there is this group of kids (probably early to mid teens....hard to tell) that go there ...I think one of their dad joins, too.
Now, sure it is a public pool, for everyone to use and enjoy. And even though these kids can swip quite well (and put shame to my dog paddling), they don't swim in the deep end....they hog the middle area and are somewhat rude to people that are trying to do laps....
I feel that they sort of try and "take over" the pool

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