Maryland pools try sharia and segregate swimming for women-only

Posted on November 16, 2011 – 00:00
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When Shehlla Khan’s husband became ill, it fell on her to take their three children to the pool. But for Khan, who is Muslim, the task was difficult.

The Columbia resident said she was concerned about people watching her swim in the conservative, cover-all dress required by Islamic dress codes, and thinking: “What’s wrong? Why can’t you take it off?”

What will your husband do if he finds out your swimming in a swimsuit where non-Muslims, possibly non-Muslim men might see you?

So Khan, 39, brought the issue up with members of her Dar Al-Taqwa mosque in Ellicott City. The mosque, along with members of a faith-based county group, People Acting Together in Howard, met with the Columbia Association to create a twice-weekly, women-only swim time, a trial that is scheduled to be announced Tuesday.

Muslims cleverly using “inter faith” groups to spread sharia law in the U.S.

The Columbia Association, which operates 23 pools in Howard, will join other communities that have made similar accommodations to create a more welcoming atmosphere for Muslims and other female swimmers.

Will all 23 be sharia compliant soon?

New York City’s recreation and parks department offers a women-only swim time at the Metropolitan Recreation Center. Pools around Toronto and other cities have also offered similar options, according to news reports. And at a swimming pool in Seattle, Muslim woman have used brown paper to cover glass windows, providing privacy from the lobby.

Several private universities, including Harvard and George Washington, also have provided female-only swim times, with several hours a week set aside. But occasionally, such programs have run into opponents who suggest they unfairly cater to one group. At George Washington some complained, citing concerns over the program infringing on American liberties.

“It’s a positive thing, ” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Not everyone has the same needs. It’s just expanding the level of interaction with the local community and recognizing that people are different. You’re bringing people into your system who would otherwise be uncomfortable.”

CAIR is a terror-linked organization with many of its leaders convicted, jailed and deported for terror-related offenses. The group is also fighting for sharia law to be legal in the U.S. See left navigation for key links.

Hooper said such programs are beneficial to communities attempting to reach out to an otherwise isolated minority. The reserved times usually are scheduled when facilities might be under-utilized, he said.


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PLans for Mega Bucks

2004-02-22 18:56:57 by Raincityferns

Never will come true Oh My
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A sunlit meadow
Filled up with big elephants
Retired from the zoo
We'd clamor or here
and there and splash in deep pools
Blow dust in the air
And then at dusk we'd
ample home and stand in warm
Hay Barns swaying deep
And dream of Big Bull
Elephants Marching on Past
Trumpeting a Hey!
And all the girls would
gallop forth and spend the day
But only in dreams
Mega Bucks went far
To Maryland I am told
Sigh, No Elephants

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