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As long as it's not a hot tub, it's fine. I did swimming lessons with my daughter before I knew I was pregnant and during my entire pregnancy with my son in the therapy pool at the YMCA where the water was like 98 degrees (I think maybe 10 degrees warmer than the regular, big pool). My OB said they just worry about your body temp getting elevated above 100 which is why they say no to hot tubs, but a heated pool that is set at your body temp or slightly above is fine.

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Outdoor pools in new england?

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A lot of them have heated indoor pools and steam rooms ...for outdoor heated pools that's a tough one. With the snow and ice in New England not to mention the cold, the cost of keeping a pool heated would be prohibitive.
Places like the Old Saybrook Inn, the Woodstock Inn have indoor pools I think. Ski resorts are more likely to have indoor pools as are spas like the Canyon Ranch.

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