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Posted on November 3, 2013 – 08:23 pm

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Designer Pools

designer pools

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Doughboy Pools Embassy Pool 4-2400 PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool, 24-Feet by 52-Inch, Creamy Tan
Lawn & Patio (Doughboy Pools)
  • Rugged, baked enamel steel; 9" wrap-around top rails and verticals in creamy tan
  • Sophisticated; taupe-colored resin top connectors
  • 52"; hot-dipped galvanized copper bearing steel wall in a soft elegant pattern
  • Corrugated pool wall for flexibility and vertical strength
  • Staggered bolt wall closure provides minimum strength and wall stability

I had property in Plymouth Ca, fire country.

2010-12-11 21:05:07 by CHIMLORDGOD

I lived atop a hill and had 3 doughboy pools!
all for fire reserve basically, although swimming was done also.
I had an old 2 cylinder gas pump with firehose it could be moved and fed by any 3 pools, plus i had a perimeter gravity fed sprinkler with a elevated 1k gal cement storage tank, I pumped water into routinely, diagrams of all hand valves and cold weather procedures, etc, A 50 yr old hand dug well 35 ft, 5 ft across.
I had wind generators, and water pumps etc, navy submarine batteries, inverters and controls for wind generator station for remote locations.

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Police reported James Chapman jumped into a child's pool to try to get relief from the burns. Police and neighbors aided Chapman as rescue personnel arrived. Neighbors are credited with helping the Chapmans.

Swimline Above Ground Pool Skimmer Vac Adapter
Lawn & Patio (Swimline)
  • Outside Dimensions: W = 2.75 in (6.985 cm) H = 7 in (17.78 cm) L = 7 in (17.78 cm).
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