Hippo Leisure interactive water play toys for swimming pools

Posted on February 10, 2014 – 09:56 am

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Hippo Leisure’s innovative splash toys are proving extremely popular at leisure centres like the Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington. The splash toys have been a successful extension to the centre’s water factory located in the pool’s beach area. This already included an interactive waterball, interactive masts, water wheels, shark showers, small and large tipping buckets and water channels.
The panels and ‘Squirtums’ are a great way of utilising space on the pool side as well as adding excitement to pool fun sessions. They are also ideal for building water confidence in toddlers and children with special educational needs who prefer to play on the pool side.
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How deep are the pools you are swimming in?

2003-03-07 15:53:11 by shebear

See if you can find a pool that is deep enough for swimming but shallow enough for toes to touch. You might find that as your child realized they are safe because they can touch bottom and he will become more adventuresome on his own.
They often want to imitate the older kids so take him somewhere he can be around other kids.
Some kids really like face masks that protect eyes and nose, and a tool like that plus some neat toys that sink might also help.
Best of luck!

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