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Posted on April 11, 2011 – 00:00
15 FT x 48 Inch ProSeries Metal Frame Swimming Pool - NB2030

Hi all,
Been really busy lately with a new venture. Due to the fact that my job change 18 months ago resulted in me taking a big pay cut I've been looking at ways of supplementing my income and came up with the idea of affiliate marketing.
For those that don't know, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting or reviewing other people's or company's products and then (hopefully) earn a commission if people go on to buy that particular item.
The way I've done it is through building websites dedicated to the products in question which then link through to the product's vender. It sounds somewhat complicated but generally it is straight forward if you know what you're doing but the initial work is quite time consuming when you're learning the ropes.
I've got a fair idea what I'm doing now and have produced a number of websites that have created interest especially ones that are linked to online gaming strategy guides for games like World of Warcraft and Rift. I've also got a kidney diet website up and running too.
Anyway here's some of the websites that I've set up. Feel free to have a look and comment well as this I've re-registered this blog so now you only have to put in


Obviously this has resulted in a few start-up costs, hence why I've added some adverts to the site. Any pennies that I earn can then be reinvested into developing the marketing business. One advantage of marketing is that if and when I end up on dialysis I can have something to do whilst hooked up to the dialysis machine for 4 hours 3 times a week. See, I am able to think ahead occasionally

Will write again soon


"The Swimmer" (1968)

2003-10-04 09:36:02 by JohnCheeverWroteIt

Merrill has been away for most of the Summer. He reappears at a friends pool. As they talk, someone notices that there are pools spanning the entire valley. He decided to jog from pool to pool to swim the whole valley. As he stops in each pool his interactions tell his life story.
Merrill is clearly driven by inner forces. His friends are baffled by his determination to complete this quest, "swimming home", which we immediately intuitively understand. His passion is monumental, as are his oblivion and decades of neglect of those he holds most dear

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