Seven Great Swimming Pool Toys and Games

Posted on September 25, 2013 – 07:51 am

JiSu Blog Online Shopping - Wet Products Dive Sticks It’s finally summer, which means the pool is open and ready for you to enjoy with you and your family.JiSu Blog Online Shopping - Swim Thru Rings Beyond just cooling off, there are lot of great pool toys and games that can provide hours of fun entertainment for you and your kiddos AND they are all available online.JiSu Blog Online Shopping - Splash and Shoot Basketball Hoop We listed some of our favorite pool toys below, which fall into one of two categories: pool games or inflatables.

You can check out these items as well as more ideas at the JiSu Pinterest board for Pool Toys and Games.JiSu Online Shopping Blog - Log Flume Water Joust Game

Pool Games

1. Splash & Shoot Port Regulation-Size Pool Basketball Hoop Set
Basketball hoops are great for both toddlers and adults and the ages in between. The Splash and Shoot Basketball Hoop is very durable and with its adjustable height, you can keep using it over the years as your kids get older. The set also comes with a regulation size basketball so you can start playing as soon as you set it up.

Splash and Shoot Basketball Hoop

2. Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball Set
Who doesn’t like a game of volleyball in the pool? The Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball set is easy to put together and sets up quickly. The net width and height are adjustable so you can fit it to different sized pools. The volleyball is also included in the kit, so all you have to do is set it up and start playing!

Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball Set

3. Hydro Catch Game
Catch games are inexpensive toys and only require two people to play, which is why the Hydro Catch game is so popular. They provide hours of fun and are a great alternative when you don’t have enough to play team games like basketball or volleyball. The Hydro Catch Game’s velcro works so well that younger kids feel the sense of excitement at how easy it is to catch the ball.

Hydro Catch Game

4. WetJiSu Online Shopping Blog - Splashnet Xpress Fireboat Squirter JiSu Blog Online Shopping - Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball Set JiSu Blog Online Shopping - Hydro Catch Game


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