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Posted on June 26, 2013 – 00:00

Back to the Swimming Pool Acid Pump

A couple of folk have sent me notes pointing out that I have spent more money and time on the Acid Pump link> than is justified. They're right. Totally,absolutely right. That doesn't change the fact that I'm going to continue this project until I finally get a nice working device that maintains the Ph of my pool with minimal human intervention. Yes,it's cost me more time than just pouring acid from a jug into the pool every few days and more money than many,many gallon jugs of acid. But that's not the point to automating a house . The latest problem is a failed check valve. Originally,I had a problem finding a check valve that was acid resistant and had a pipe fitting on one end and a tubing barb on the other. I finally got one from the people that supply the pump I'm currently using. It has been in service for the last year and did a good job. However,when I replaced the tubing as part of my twice yearly maintenance,the valve stuck and wouldn't open. I had a spare and installed it to get things going but I wanted to know what went wrong. This is the valve I'm talking about:

Notice that the two ends seem to be removable. Turns out they are. That's how this manufacturer designed maximum versatility into the device. You can specify the end pieces to any configuration you need (within reason). That way special purpose valves can easily be created. So,being the curious monkey I am,I took it apart to see what was wrong:

Notice it's a basic ball valve complete with a spring that is a simple effective design. What happened in this case was the black seal failed in the acid and the black debris


Recommend beach or lotsa swimming pools

2006-06-26 09:00:14 by sofalagrey

Just had a baby. I went to Vegas/Phoenix and Hawaii.
I recommend you go somewhere you can swim in the warm ocean or swimming pool ( it will do wonders for your circulation) AND go have a massage somewhere.
Try going later in your second trimester. If its too early then you aren't as big yet and don't get as much relief from it.
Don't go somewhere too hot (like Phoenix in summer) cause the heat really zaps your energy when you are pregnant and makes you want ot sleep by 10am.
Avoid Vegas for the smokers everywhere. It will make you feel nauseaous.
I recommend a beach destination

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