Ohio Man Arrested For Having Sex With Swimming Pool Inflatables And Not For The First Time

Posted on February 21, 2014 – 03:29 pm
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by Tommy Gimler

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fucked up than five middle relievers being on the final MLB All-Star ballot for the American League, Edwin Charles Tobergta totally steals the spotlight by having sexual relations with an inflatable pool raft. Oh, and not for the first time.

According to a Hamilton, Ohio police report this is at least the fifth time Tobergta has been arrested for plowing a plastic inflatable or something similar. According to multiple websites, a woman in 2002 told authorities that he fucked her inflatable pumpkin, apparently opting for the trick instead of the treat.

In 2006, while imprisoned for public indecency, Tobergta took off his uniform and grabbed an officer while exposing his Fruity Pebbles. In 2008, he was slapped with a felony public indecency conviction.

In 2011, Tobergta “engaged in sexual activity with a pink inflatable swimming pool raft.” The owner of the raft said Tobergta took the raft with him after being told to stop. Why the owner wanted his raft back instead of dropping $7.99 on a new on at CVS? We have no idea.

And finally, there was the incident last month where Tobergta, who somehow wasn’t living in a mental institution or behind bars at this point, walked outside naked as a jaybird and fucked the shit out of a yellow inflatable toy that a neighbor had thrown away, totally putting a whole new spin on the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Oh, and this last episode took place in front of a ten-year-old girl and in her brand new swimming pool nonetheless.

Another neighbor, Kristen Proffit, told the Journal News that Tobergta is a “nice guy.” Well then. I guess Tobergta isn’t the only one who might need a therapy sesh or two. Where I come from, nice guys don’t plow swimming pool inflatables.

Meanwhile, Timothy Teague, the little girl’s grandfather, was quoted as saying, “How can a man — a man — take and do something…with a rubber raft in front of a 10-year-old child? Its very appalling, ” proving that not everybody in Hamilton is on some form of meth.

Source: dailyupperdecker.com

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Recommend beach or lotsa swimming pools

2006-06-26 09:00:14 by sofalagrey

Just had a baby. I went to Vegas/Phoenix and Hawaii.
I recommend you go somewhere you can swim in the warm ocean or swimming pool ( it will do wonders for your circulation) AND go have a massage somewhere.
Try going later in your second trimester. If its too early then you aren't as big yet and don't get as much relief from it.
Don't go somewhere too hot (like Phoenix in summer) cause the heat really zaps your energy when you are pregnant and makes you want ot sleep by 10am.
Avoid Vegas for the smokers everywhere. It will make you feel nauseaous.
I recommend a beach destination

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