Pics: Irish lads build their own swimming pool using bales and plastic

Posted on March 1, 2014 – 06:27 pm
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With the hot weather set to continue for a while yet, we might have to try this in JOE Towers.

With paddling pools harder to get your hands on Bruce Springsteen tickets, some Irish lads have used their initiative to make their own swimming pool.Swimming pool 2

Posted on Reddit last night by Redditor dannyl30y he says it shows the handiwork of some of his friends.Swimming pool 3 Using just bales, plastic, a bit of rope and some water, the lads now have a deluxe swimming pool in their back garden.Swimming pool 4

How long it will last before the water goes a bit funny we don’t know but enjoy it while you can… and if you’re having a pool party, give us a shout.

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Swimming pool 1 Swimming pool 5


Nasty, but it works

2007-02-25 09:20:30 by Muriatic_acid

Muriatic acid, aka hydrochloric acid, is a general-purpose VERY strong cleaner for use around swimming pools. It takes off all those various mineral deposits left on pool tile.
Three problems to watch for/overcome:
One - if you go to the wrong place, they'll sell you two gallons. I got my quart jug at an Ace hardware store. You'll want to call around to find a place that sells it in small quantities.
Two - this stuff is VERY strong. If you open the bottle and breathe the vapors closely, you'll burn your lungs. You must have good ventilation to use it, and keep pets, kids, etc, away from the work area

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