Need To Use Your Swimming Pool All Year Round?

Posted on March 6, 2014 – 07:23 pm

Do you already have a swimming pool? If so then how many months of the year do you use it, and even in Summer do you find yourself unable to use it due to rain or wind, even though the water is warm enough to swim in daily?

Well if so then it is time to consider buying a swimming pool enclosure. These enclosures come in a few different types, which I will cover in a minute, but essentially they all allow you to both extend your swimming usage and use your swimming pool all year round if needed.

There are basically two main types of enclosures - those that are fixed in place permanently and those that are removed (To an extent) in good weather.

Firstly there are mobile pool enclosures that are ideal for temporarily covering over an above ground pool. Then there are also telescopic enclosures both high level and low level, these as the name suggests can slide back and forth like a telescope enabling the pool to be covered over quickly in the event of bad weather and made open to the sun when the weather is good. These will aid in keeping your pool warmer when on, as they will minimise cooling by evaporation due to wind. The low level ones only just cover the pools edges, the high level ones enable you to walk around the pools edges whilst stood up fully. The telescopic pool enclosures are really only designed for use with in-ground swimming pools.

You can also purchase full height fixed enclosures, but these mean that you can never have that 'Open Air' pool experience, although they do allow you to swim whatever the weather.

The other option with in-ground pools is to buy an air dome or sun dome. An air dome works on much the same principle as the ones used to cover over tennis courts, it stays erect by maintaining a positive air pressure inside the dome, you need to enter quickly or the dome will begin to deflate, they provide a semi-permanent solution to providing weather protection for your pool. They are not suited to very heavy weather protection.

A sun dome looks similar to an air dome but is made of rigid plastic and provides better weather protection for your swimming pool and will not deflate upon entry.

All of the swimming pool enclosures described above will help extend the amount of time you can extend your swimming season by, and if you love swimming are well worth looking at in more detail.

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No, you are pretty much stuck with it.

2012-02-12 10:25:17 by Gottasayit

After the warranty is up next month you will have two choices, find someone who can maintain it for you or get rid of it and buy a different brand. Spas like swimming pools are a money pit. There are a few portable spas that last a while quality spa consider building one. Either way they will cost to maintain it.

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