Pics: Irish lads build their own swimming pool using bales and plastic

Posted on December 7, 2013 – 11:34 am
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With the hot weather set to continue for a while yet, we might have to try this in JOE Towers.

With paddling pools harder to get your hands on Bruce Springsteen tickets, some Irish lads have used their initiative to make their own swimming pool.Swimming pool 2

Posted on Reddit last night by Redditor dannyl30y he says it shows the handiwork of some of his friends.Swimming pool 3 Using just bales, plastic, a bit of rope and some water, the lads now have a deluxe swimming pool in their back garden.Swimming pool 4

How long it will last before the water goes a bit funny we don’t know but enjoy it while you can… and if you’re having a pool party, give us a shout.

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Swimming pool 1 Swimming pool 5


Tortoise Advice?

2009-06-06 16:22:47 by SulcataFascination

I've ordered the seed mix to grow a "lawn" in one of those blue plastic swimming pools for my little Sulcata to graze in during the summer for exposure to natural sunlight (and then he'll go back under his lamps at night). So my question is .... does anybody know of a way to increase the calcium content in the soil in order to increase the calcium content in the grasses?? I was thinking about grating the skins of some high-calcium fruits and mixing it with the potting soil (under the top soil, so that she isn't eating the actual fruit). What do you think??

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