Summer Fun On A Budget–Mommy’s Water park!

Posted on July 11, 2013 – 00:00

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Most children like splashing around in water. My dad would take us swimming often as we grew up.He would drive for hours to take us to a lake or a spring creek. I did not realize then how much time he was really setting aside for us.

He loved spending time with his two daughters. He would grill out hamburgers or lie on the shore taking a nap while we played. I love the memories of walking with him along the creek or sandy shore of the lake. Knowing many of my memories were made around water fun,I wanted to do something special for my children.Water Fun Memories

We saved money for a pool,but I just never felt comfortable buying one since our children don’t know how to swim. Our children are also small and we have another baby on the way! I just felt like purchasing a large pool was a headache I didn’t want to worry over.

Realizing a pool was not in their near future,our kids asked to spend the budgeted pool money on a Quad Racer slip n’ slide. On the trip home from the store,I pictured water running all over the lawn,over grown grass and bored,sore children from trying to slide on flat ground.

“What if I put the slide on a hill?” I thought to myself.

Suddenly my creative thoughts went wild! I envisioned a HUGE slip n slide that would put any store bought product to shame. After all the hard work,time and creativity,I am ready to share the plan with you! So if you want to build your own slip,slide n’ splash here’s how I did it.


The life explained

2004-06-17 21:55:27 by fabbri

A sour green organ. Inside.
Red pink organ. Outside.
The life explained,
makes full sense.
The dock that floats,
amazed me as a child.
I'd swim out to this and jump
off it. For an instant I would
fly and crash to my cry.
The pine green around me,
my youthful fine skin,
glowed in a turtle's free
life. The fallen tree, made the sun
spot for their rest,
always to be.
Frog gone crazy in the plastic jug.
I made the big fish list.
I'd walk down a dirt road,
I miss it. I'll always love it.

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