How-To: Lily Pad Pool Warmers

Posted on May 30, 2012 – 00:00

Lily Pad Pool Warmers from MAKE Volume 23 With temperatures on the rise and the first day of summer only 3 weeks away, pool season is just about upon us. Back in MAKE Volume 23, rocket engineer Edward Hujsak shared an efficient, low-cost, safe, and easy way to warm your pool. His project is the Lily Pad pool warmers, and they’re essentially made of hula hoops covered with black polyethylene film. The how-to is freely available for you on Make: Projects, where community member Daniel Busby commented, sharing the video he made of his Lily Pad build. The only difference between Edward’s instructions and Daniel’s build is that Edward used a soldering iron to spot weld the plastic to the hoops, and Daniel chose to use a household iron. Here’s Daniel’s video:

In his article, Edward also included an interesting sidebar titled “The Pool Owner’s Dilemma”:

The thermal behavior of swimming pools is complex, due to a number of factors that act to cool the water, while the sun and artificial means work to keep the water warm. Cooling forces are at work day and night, and include evaporation, conduction into surrounding soil, air current effects, and nighttime longwave (infrared) radiation into space.


The life explained

2004-06-17 21:55:27 by fabbri

A sour green organ. Inside.
Red pink organ. Outside.
The life explained,
makes full sense.
The dock that floats,
amazed me as a child.
I'd swim out to this and jump
off it. For an instant I would
fly and crash to my cry.
The pine green around me,
my youthful fine skin,
glowed in a turtle's free
life. The fallen tree, made the sun
spot for their rest,
always to be.
Frog gone crazy in the plastic jug.
I made the big fish list.
I'd walk down a dirt road,
I miss it. I'll always love it.

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